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The Ultimate And Final Bet By Obama’s Financial Handlers The $8.5 Trillion Chip.

The Ultimate And Final Bet By Obama’s Financial Handlers The $8.5 Trillion Chip

Financial Terrorists Must be Destroyed

A few weeks ago, I warned in my website that the Dow would dive below 7,000 at the earliest by end of December 2008 and at the latest by the end of the first quarter 2009.

Any responsible central bankers would want to control a downturn, preferably by a gradual slide of the market as opposed to a sharp hard landing.

But events and data have revealed that these financial bastards are not responsible and are hard core gamblers to their very soul.

Their mindset is that of the ultimate gambler and nothing in this world will change their behavior not even the thought that billions will starve and die and economies shattered. They don’t give a damn! And anyone still having illusions about their altruistic aims will be disappointed.

The stock market and the derivative market is their ultimate casino. Fix this in your mind in the months to come. Then you will understand and agree with me and my conclusions in the next few paragraphs.

To Be Masters of the Universe

The present global financial tsunami has given the 12 elite global gamblers and 2 maybe 3 central banks the opportunity of a millennium to confiscate un-imaginable wealth and power and to reign supreme over the entire planet, bestowing the title upon themselves as the real Masters of the Universe.

Since the massive injection of trillions into the major global banks by the FED, Bank of England and to a lesser degree the ECB, many financial commentators and economists of all hues have been lamenting that the banks are not lending as per the aims of the “rescue package” but are instead hoarding the monies. Various reasons and excuses have been made to justify this massive hoarding, unheard in the history of banking.

I will now reveal the real and hidden reason for this hoarding.

It is this. Bernanke and Paulson has been directed by the controllers of the Shadow Money-Lenders that it is time to make the ultimate bet on the global casino – the playing of the $Trillion dollar chips.

This gambit is risky but they have been assured by the “financial models” created by economists, the Nobel Laureates such as Myron Scholes etc. that they will win hands down!

Should the bet misfire, be assured also that the world will enter the dark ages for years to come. But the 12 chosen elite gamblers have been primed and are ready for the ultimate gamble and they are not concerned about our welfare.

$8.5 Trillion no less is the pot of money that they can throw at the casino table, maybe more. This sum is over half the GDP of the US which has been estimated at US$13 Trillion. The global GDP is approximately US$60 Trillion.

There is no entity in the world that has the means and the control of the casino to match their betting power. So these elite gamblers are determined and more than confident that they will win and win big.

This is because their mindset is that of a gambler and that the world is a Casino.

They have completely in their calculations divorced their strategy from the dynamics of the real economy.

This will be their fatal mistake and their downfall. But my pleas will fall on deaf ears.

The Ultimate Bet

What is uncertain and unknown is the timing of this Trillion dollar bet. But my estimation is, just before the crowning of Obama as the King of the Universe and as President of the United States on 20th January 2009.

The logic of these gamblers is that when they place the trillion dollar bet in the global casino, the markets will surge in one huge rally – the reversal of a tidal wave. When that happens, everything will be “sucked-up” and recede in the belly of the ocean (the gamblers financial pockets)

Those of us who have had the experience of the Tsunami will understand. The incoming Wave destroyed everything in its path. And when the force reversed, everything was sucked backed into the ocean, leaving the dead and damages on the beaches!

Therefore, I expect a huge rally soon.

The chosen elite global gamblers know that this is their one and only chance to total conquest and financial power. This is because should the Dow decline below the 7,000 mark and other stock indexes dive in tandem, no force will be able to trigger a reversal of the trend.

The hoarding of Trillions in the coffers of these chosen elite gamblers is the equivalent of giving extra fuel or ammunition to these financial terrorists to unleash their evil deed of devastation!

How high the rally, I cannot forecast. But I am confident that this gamble will fail. Had this bet being played in late 2007, there was an even chance of success. But it is too late now for this gambit.

The financial cancer has spread all over the body. Not even the immediate surgery and transplant of the organs will change the course.

Given the situation and the desperation of the Controllers of the Shadow Money-Lenders, this bet must be played. It is all or nothing. This is their mindset.

Just place yourself in their position, one with a warped mindset. You have $8.5 Trillion, maybe more. There is a chance for you to amass maybe US$100 Trillion or more on this one bet. If you fail, a slow but still a luxurious death awaits you. What would you do?

“To hell with the rest of the world, I will take my chances and even if I lose, I still have a couple of billions” will most probably be your frame of mind.

As I said earlier, they will fail. The Dow will surge, but will explode and dive with such ferocity that the world will suffer a massive heart attack from the shock of the collapse. THE DOW WILL SINK LIKE THE TITANIC!

If you are a gambler and want to take a chance and go in and buy then sell at the top, by all means do so, provided you have the inside intelligence possessed only by the chosen elites.

For the rest of us, start building bomb shelters!
You are all forewarned.
Stop these bastards!
Stop these financial terrorists!

I am now appealing to all Americans to contact your congressman, congresswoman and senators to stop this gamble.
Go out to the streets and demonstrate if you have to.
This is your last chance for survival !!!!

I had no intention to reveal my strategy to overcome the financial nuclear weapon which Obama’s handlers will unleash upon the world economy, but on examining the issues further and the time span that we have, I have decided to do so.

The moment the Controller of the Shadow Money-Lenders gives the signal to attack is the moment we must respond by de-coupling our economies from the consequences of this insidious attack.

The $Trillion dollar bet can only work if the world’s stock markets, currency markets and national leaders do not know how to respond immediately to the attack. I have said that this bet will fail in any event. And it is a given that it will fail!

However, upon the weapon being unleashed, it will have immediate effect, at the most one week before it sinks like the Titanic if and when we mount a counter-attack. But the quicker we counter-attack, the less damage will our economies suffer from the fallout. The Shadow Money-Lenders are counting that we will be greedy and respond to the surge, so that they can take us down later – like sheep to the slaughter house!

How do we know when the attack will come or the signs of an impending attack?

The signs will be when the Dow breaches the 9,000 level and there is a series of 500 or more points jump for each trading day.

Thus far, there has been resistance to some very subtle push by the FED and Paulson’s Plunge Protection Team. Despite numerous attempts to breach this critical psychological barrier, the market has not responded as there were just too much disastrous economic and financial news. A climate of fear prevails and rightly so.

The financial terrorists therefore need a “feel good factor” to buoy the market sentiments and then launch the attack. Obama’s inauguration is the trigger and the excuse.

If and when Dow touches 9,300 to 9,500, the world’s leaders especially of the third world countries must shut down their stock markets for as long as is necessary and simultaneously impose capital and exchange controls to protect their currencies and flight of capital.

Wall Street’s controlled mass media will launch a propaganda campaign to discredit our counter-strategy. Nobel Laureates who are the paid-scribes of Wall Street and the Shadow Money-Lenders will exploit their so-called stature to condemn such financial and economic tactics as heresies and that we should all be burnt at the stakes. We have heard that rubbish before in 1997.

Stand firm. This is about survival.

Of course our gamblers still stuck in the markets will suffer losses, so be it. They are gamblers and do not deserve one iota of our sympathy and assistance. Their losses will not affect any national economies in any major way. We just have to tell them, “screw you, harlots for the Global Shadow Money-Lenders!”

When this happens, there will be no global fuel to sustain the surge and this $Trillion dollar bet will fizzle out! Dow will sink like the Titanic and even though it will be painful for America and the Americans, this immediate shut-down pain will be less painful and the impact on the US economy less devastating than if it was allowed to surge to 11,000 and beyond and then suffer a massive collapse. The US will not be able to withstand such a dramatic collapse and the financial heart-attack. It is the lesser of the two evils.

For the global economies which have shut down their markets, there will also be no dramatic surge and massive collapse. We would have prevented massive heart attacks across the globe. The Masters of the Universe’s grand design to conquer the world through financial devastation will be smashed to smithereens!

In this sense, we have consciously and through effective counter-measures de-coupled our economies from this insidious $Trillion dollar gambling bet.

The Masters of the Universe would be defeated and their casinos effectively shut down.

The 12 major global banks will spiral into irreversible bankruptcy. This is a small and acceptable price to pay as we would have saved the global economy. In any event, these global banks can no longer serve any useful purposes. All these bankers must be prosecuted for every crime that they have committed.

But we must not, as global citizens turn our backs on America and the Americans. The world leaders must intervene to assist the financial recovery of the United States and to prevent the War Party from using the financial shock as a pretext to unleash a global war to maintain their power.

The global reserves of the international community are sufficient to rehabilitate the various financial institutions in the United States pending the establishment of a new international financial architecture and a new system for the financing of global trade. The global economy will not recover if the US remains devastated.

Whether world leaders will respond to this strategy is a matter which I will not debate as each country must make its own decision for survival. I have proffered an effective counter-measure.

When and if such an attack takes place, rest assured that I will mobilize the people in Malaysia to fight for its survival and we will survive and win, as we did in 1997.

Prepare for the biggest and most ferocious financial war ever – now!

Join me to prevent such an attack! And if there is an attack, to counter-attack until total victory!

Financial terrorists must be destroyed....

Jordan: Al-Qaeda/MOSSAD/CIA2 cloud a precarious future.


Jordan: Al-Qaeda/MOSSAD/CIA2 cloud a precarious future.

By Michael CIA2 Scheuer .
Michael Scheuer served in the CIA for 22 years before leaving for a new mission of deceit, deception and lies for CIA2, in 2004. He served as the chief of the Bin Laden Unit at the Counterterrorist Center from 1996 to 1999..... He is the once anonymous author of Imperial Hubris......:

Syria: Terror's made-to-order for and on behalf of the CIA2 station in Damascus, which hijacked by force all kinds of "diplomacy" from the state Department for a decade now...
and Michael Scheuer knows that full well.... But when he departs CIA1, he has to submit anything he writes about his past work... for approval by CIA1....and he is still regurgitating their lies, innuendoes, deceit, deception, propaganda, half-truths, etc. to serve in any think to tow the line of your masters, old and new of the PNAC killers on the {Potomac}
the evil axis of CIA2/MOSSAD and the power behind the power in USA and Israel.
Anything and everything Syria's regime of the Assad Mafia thugs does or attempts to do, anywhere, whether in Syria or outside Syria's always coordinated in full with the PNAC assassins and Syria acts on their behalf gladly.... this is Syria's insurance policy against the downfall of the ASSAD dynasty of KILLERS and Mafiosi thugs, who still manage to get paid for all their actions on top of it all. The Assads never ever did anything for free for anybody...and they are much better wheelers-dealers than the Lebanese for sure.....

This is a remarkable piece of brazen Propaganda from a joint operational command of blatant dis-information, deceit, deception, lies, half-truth, innuendoes, packaged nicely to deceive the gullible and the un-informed at large by StartforCIA1.
Stratfor is a Texas funded, Texas based CIA disinformation operation from A to Z. The worse part is that it claims to provide "intelligence".... which obviously is a blatant disregard to the people in the know....since intelligence is never ever provided, it is pure FDDC inspired propaganda, pure and simple. Intelligence, when provided to decision makers, has been cooked, re-cooked and repackaged for influence peddling of PNAC supremacists, hell-bent on dismembering the whole Planet for their sordid and selfish aims, and perpetuating a culture of crime, assassinations, through PNAC, CIA2/MOSSAD and the White House Murder Inc.
Now you can enjoy the article below as a prime example of what I am talking about here:

Since the 1967 Arab-Israeli war, Jordan has been a nation living in an uneasy relationship with the Sunni Islamist movement. With a population more than 50% Palestinian, Jordan became an ever-more useful place for Palestinian radicals to hang their hats while preparing plans to destroy Israel.

Under King Hussein bin Talal (1952 to 1999), the radicals were allowed to be in Jordan, but the country's pervasive and effective security services moderated the domestic problems they caused, save for flashes of admittedly intense violence. Over time - and
after another war - King Hussein also became a central player in the Arab-Israeli peace process, earning the animosity of some of Jordan's Palestinian guests, as well as those of Jordan's domestic Islamist leaders, the Jordanian Muslim Brotherhood, and other Islamist organizations - most of whom enjoyed external funding from the Gulf.

To say that Jordan was always one step ahead of Islamist trouble probably is fair, but King Hussein proved to be a deft political operator and managed both to keep the security lid on and maintain popularity among the people.

Then Hussein died, his son Abdullah took the throne, and the United States-led coalition invaded Iraq, all of which yielded a significantly more dangerous internal security environment for Jordan. The new king, Abdullah, was not made of the same stern stuff and craftiness as his father and he seemed to exude a Westernized persona that did not sit well with the country's Islamists, especially when it is well known that CIA is all over the Royal Palaces in Jordan with its own people within the walls of power of the Hashemite kingdom, just like in Egypt....

While this weakness might have been overcome in time, Abdullah soon encountered a situation in which he first aligned Jordan with Washington's post-9/11 "war on terror"; then with its invasion of Iraq - for which it was rewarded by a doubling of US aid in 2004 and continuing increases since; and finally with the West's aid-boycott of the Hamas-led government in Gaza.

The Amman regime began running hospitals in Fallujah in Iraq and Mazar-i-Sharif - the latter in North Atlantic Treaty Organization-occupied Afghanistan - and soon after paid the price for supporting US policy in Iraq with attacks on its interests and personnel within Iraq. Most importantly, Jordan now faced a world in which the durable shield of Saddam Hussein's Iraq - which had prevented the entry of large numbers of Sunni jihadis from the CIA2/MOSSAD....Gulf and South Asia - was shattered....

Of the Levant's Arab states, Jordan suffered quickly and most severely from the US-led coalition's destruction of the anti-jihadi bulwark Saddam's Iraq reliably provided on Jordan's eastern border. The end of Saddam's reign vastly increased Jordan's domestic security problems:

Jordan's domestic Islamists and their organizations not only resented King Abdullah's decision to support both of Washington's wars, but they quickly moved to incite young Jordanian Muslims to go to Iraq and fight the foreign occupiers.

These groups also assisted non-Jordanian Muslims from across the Islamic community to securely transit the country and enter Iraq to join the mujahideen. That the Islamists' anti-US and anti-regime attitudes found increased popular support after the invasion of Iraq is evident in the success of the Islamic Action Front (the Muslim Brotherhood's political arm) in winning 17 seats in Jordan's parliament in the 2003 election, the largest single group in that 110-seat body. This total dropped to six in the 2007 election when the Front ran candidates in only 30 seats because of the regime's failure to follow through with promised electoral reforms.

The invasion and occupation of Iraq also gave unexpected scope to the lethal talents of a Jordanian CIA2/MOSSAD Abu-Musab al-Zarqawi, who quickly rose from being the leader of his own small group to being named the commander of al-Qaeda in Iraq. Zarqawi's organization continued expanding inside Jordan while he was in Iraq - including with some success in the country's military - and his heroic style and successful military operations inspired a large number of young Jordanian men. Since al-Zarqawi's death, al-Qaeda and other Islamist groups cite what they describe as his "knightly example" as an element of their propaganda products.

The willingness of the US-led coalition to condone a quiet campaign of ethnic cleansing by Iraqi Shi'ites drove enormous numbers of Iraq's Sunnis abroad. For Jordan this meant hosting 500,000 to 800,000 Iraqi refugees - some estimates range up to a million. Most of these refugees entered the country illegally and so are only slowly becoming known to the security services. In addition, the refugee population contains a proportion of Iraqi Shi'ites, and their presence in the country is sharpening sectarian differences in overwhelmingly Sunni Jordanian society. The large refugee presence, moreover, probably ensures that Jordan would be the scene of fighting between its Iraqi Sunni and Shi'ite guests if Iraq slips into civil war.

Most recently, the apparently temporary success of the US military "surge" in Iraq resulted in a large number of al-Qaeda and Sunni fighters deciding to leave western Iraq for safe havens abroad, a majority of them sent by CIA2/MOSSAD to Lebanon, Syria and Jordan. As a result, Jordanian security services are now confronting the potential for trouble posed not only by would-be mujahideen who have been unable to get through Jordan to Iraq, but also by veteran fighters angry that they had to leave Iraq...... sent by CIA2/MOSSAD to foment trouble...

In response to these realities, the Amman government clamped down on Islamist activities within the country, especially after Zarqawi's forces launched missiles against Israel from Jordanian territory and bombed the Radisson Hotel in the capital. Jordanian authorities harassed Islamist parliamentary deputies who expressed condolences for Zarqawi; imprisoned a poet writing verse praising Bin Laden; acted to put the authority for issuing fatwas under a state-appointed council; and made state approval necessary before mosque clerics could begin preaching.

After Islamist violence increased in Jordan, Abd-al-Bari Atwan, the editor of London-based al-Quds al-Arabi, wrote, "The most dangerous thing that could result from these bombings is the Jordanian government's exploitation of them to impose more restrictive security measures on the pretext of confronting CIA2/MOSSAD ...terrorism."

Atwan's worst-case scenario appears to have come to pass, although it is not clear Amman had any other choice. The government has passed more stringent anti-terrorism laws, and the security services have used them in ways that increased the alienation of much of the Islamist community, especially in the Islamist-heavy towns of Zarqa, Ma'an, Salt and the Palestinian refugee camp near the city of Irbid. The government's heavy hand in checking the Islamists has undermined King Abdullah's efforts to increase his popularity and reinforced the Islamists' negative assessment of Abdullah and his regime as "the West's favorite ally".

Jordan is , of course, in immediate danger of being swept by a CIA2/MOSSAD ... Islamist tide; the domestic Islamist movement is not powerful enough to take power by force, the country's security services are formidable, and the government will not permit a fair general election......Gaza, Algeria are precedents.....

Still, Jordan's long-term stability is precarious because of the Iraq war's negative impact on a society constantly threatened by destabilization because of its CIA2/MOSSAD to foment trouble...and lack of support for the Western-advocated Israeli-Palestinian peace process.

As in the case of Lebanon and Syria, the end of the Saddam-maintained barrier preventing the entry of most Sunni militants into the Levant through Iraq has left Jordan to face not only its own growing Islamist community - the growth of which is in part due to Amman's support for the Iraq war - but also an inflow of CIA2/MOSSAD to foment trouble... Islamists, some of whom are veteran mujahideen and many of whom appear to be CIA2/MOSSAD/Saudi-style Salafists.

From CIA2/MOSSAD to foment trouble...perspective the situation in Jordan is progressing in a favorable manner. Bin Laden has long targeted the Hashemite monarchy because of its refusal to allow the mujahideen to launch raids from Jordan into Israel. Al-Qaeda itself has had a shadowy presence in Jordan, first led by Bin Laden's late brother-in-law Muhammad Jamal Khalifah, almost since its inception in 1988. Bin Laden and his lieutenants surely see Jordan as a target for destabilization, as well as a place from which sent by CIA2/MOSSAD to foment trouble...can establish a presence capable of attracting order to create the conducive environment for the Jordanian option to be executed by Netanyahu......